Academic Calendar 2023-2024

7th July - 7th Aug 2023 Friday to Monday Summer Vacation
29th May — 3rd June 2023 Monday to Wednesday PA-I
9th Sept 2023 Saturday Study Leave
11th Sept — 23rd Sept 2023 Monday to Monday Half Yearly Exam
19th Nov 2023 Saturday Study Leave
20th Nov 2023 - 1st Dec 2023 Monday to Friday PA- TI & Pre-board(X,XII)
24th Feb 2024 Saturday Study Leave
26th Feb — 9th March 2024 Monday to Saturday Annual Exam

Holiday List 2023-2024

22nd April 2023 Saturday Id-Ul-Fitre
1st May 2023 Monday May Day
5th May 2023 Friday Buddha Purnima
5th June 2023 Monday Janmahotsav Of Sri Sri Madhabdeva
7th July - 7th Aug 2023 Friday to Monday Summer Vacation
18th August 2023 Friday Tithi Of Srimanta Sankardeva
6th Sept 2023 Wednesday Janmashtami
2th Oct 2023 Monday Gandhi Jayanti
18th Oct 2023 Wednesday Kati Bihu
21st Oct - 24th Oct 2023 Saturday to Tuesday Durga Puja
12th Nov 2023 Sunday Kali Puja & Diwali
15th Nov 2023 Wednesday Rest Day After Children’s Day
27th Nov 2023 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti
11th Dec 2023 Monday Rest Day After Annual Day Function
25th Dec 2023 Monday Christmas Day
13th Jan - 20th Jan 2024 Saturday to Saturday Magh Bihu & Winter Vacation
14th , 15th Feb 2024 Wednesday, Thursday Saraswati Puja, Rest Day
8th March 2024 Friday Mahashivratri
25th Mar 2024 Monday Holi