Gurukul Group of Educational Wing is a co-educational school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi vide affiliation No. 230192. The school offers a choice between Residential and Day Scholastic Programmes. Established to make children well-rounded and self-dependent individuals.

The school has been constructed on a sprawling campus with splendid infrastructural facilities in a tranquil and pollution-free environment.


  1. Smoking, alcohol and use of psychotropic drugs and substances will not be allowed in the school and hostel premises.
  2. No parents or guardian of a student will be permitted to stay in the hostel.
  3. Hosteller’s shall not remain absent from their hostels during 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm without the prior permission of the warden / hostel superintendent.
  4. Outsiders will not be permitted in the hostel premises.
  5. The inmates of the hostel should not leave the hostel premises on holidays for the purposes of excursion of picnic or any other enjoyable voyages without the prior permission of warden/hostel superintendent. However, for any accident or fatality that may occur during picnic/excursion, the responsibility does not lie with the institution or hostel authorities.
  6. No residence of the hostel is permitted to take an article/ utensils etc. outside the hostel/mess premises and even to his/her room.
  7. No association of students on the basis of religion, caste or creed will be permitted.
  8. No secret activities or meeting are permitted in the hostel.
  9. Residents shall refrain from any act, covert or overt, that may destroy or disturb the peace and harmony among the residents and on the campus.
  10. Keeping of lethal weapons like stick, rods, chains knife or any other prohibiting materials in the hostel rooms will be strictly dealt with.
  11. In case a student falls sick, he/she should contact immediately the warden/hostel superintendent. a student suffering from infectious/contagious diseases will not be permitted to stay in hostel.
  12. Mobile phones, laptop or any other electronic gadgets will not be permitted inside the hostel. in case found the student will be imposed heavy penalty by the authorities.
  13. Fans and light must be switched off when the students leave their rooms. in case it is noticed that fans/lights are on in the locker room, a heavy penalty will be imposed for wasting the costly energy sources.
  14. Every student residing in the hostel must dinner in the hostel mess only.individual/group cooking in the rooms is strictly forbidden. If found they will be expelled from the hostel or fined.
  15. Inmates are prohibited from writings slogans, or any writings obscene, drawing on the hostel walls and rooms. Heavy penalties will be imposed on students/groups of students including in such activities.
  16. The consumptions or storage or supply of liquor or any sort of intoxicant/gambling is strictly prohibited and if found guilty the offenders will dealt with severely, including prosecution.
  17. If any guilty/ violent of the rules of the hostel is found the parents and the students concerned will be responsible for the act and the authorities will have the full permission to deal with the situations.