Message from Founder & Director

Dr. Durlav Sarkar

Founder and Director, Gurukul Group of Education Wing

It is a matter of immense happiness and pride on my part to write a few lines as the Head of this great institution, Gurukul Group Of Educational Wing, at this stage of my life by the grace of Almighty who is the Creator of this vast universe. "Education" i.e. spreading of "Knowledge” which bears the meaning of “power” has got a great impact on the society in which we live. We know that “A pen is mightier than a sword" “Education" in the true sense of the term can be imparted only by the institute of great repute. So far my knowledge is concerned. " Gurukul Group Of Educational Wing” is such an institution where all the basic needs, particularly building character with attractive behaviour- in regard to moral, intellectual and spiritual, by the students who are the future nation builders of this vast country of ours, are being imparted with utmost care by highly qualified faculties in different branches of study.

To my estimation and long experience, I have come to know that "Teaching profession" is the noblest and most respected profession in the world and our faculty members who being sufficiently qualified in this field are also rendering their level best to mould the character of the students. Myself also trying my best with utmost efforts of the teachers to make the academic scenario of this academy to have brilliant results with the flying colours.

The authority has entrusted upon me with the greatest responsibility for the upliftment of the academic performances of the students/Every one of us must think; the principle of 3H-(i) Head (ii) Heart and (iii) Hand. We are to think what is to be done (ii) by Heart i.e. mind, we are to take decision and at fast by (iii) ’Hand-toe are to do the things to materialise.

I do hope, with the active co-operation by the teachers, guardian and management and by the grace of Almighty, we shall be able to achieve our cherished goal which is a crying need of the hour. May God help us all.

The development of our country depends on our physical, mental, spiritual, moral, intellectual, awareness and love for motherland of our future generation. We have been teaching our students in the direction to give them proper education for their all round development. Our vision is clear, ambition is high but our application is slow and steady. We hope to get success in due course of time.

With warm regards
Durlav Sarkar