The GGEW Curriculum Model represents the School’s commitment to optimize teaching and learning and facilitate children’s holistic development and well-being. We understands the tremendous impact that teachers have on a child’s growth, development and personality. To provide our student with an environment in which they can learn uninhibitedly. IN GGEW we recognize the importance of meeting the unique learning needs of every child by providing a safe, supportive and respectful environment. We place emphasis on helping students develop essential skills so they are prepares for opportunities, responsibilities and experience throughout their life. Students are engaged in life skills program, personal, social health education delivered by our teachers. We lay emphasis on experiential and laboratory methods of learning . Our teachers make use of flipped classrooms, project based learning, brainstorming, role play, interactive lab experiments and self peer evaluation to make learning more engage and effective. Our Curriculum is designed with a multi-dimensional child-centric approach, which is both interactive and realistic. The Curriculum both in terms of content and methodology is 21st century relevant and meets the highest learning standards. All the elements in our Curriculum model converge to bring out best in every child and enable them to be on the path of continuous development and progress

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